La Voz de Galicia 11/09




















Sandra González positions herself regarding everything in her field of architecture and urban planning. She declares herself angry with how Galician towns and cities have generally developed; She disagrees with the excessively numerical and “rancid” nature of the training given to future architects, and is repelled by the consideration of the term ugliness as an excuse for “flagellation.” But he has channeled that critical spirit trying to stir consciences. He went out into the streets and created A vila do mañá, workshops that he has developed in 27 municipalities and has even taken to Brazil and through which 9,800 children and adolescents have passed, whom he has taught through play to value their environment, know where it came from. What surrounds them and how they can improve it without losing their essence. She has just done it in the Vigo neighborhood of Coia and also in Bueu, Cambados, Silleda, Vilagarcía, Ferrol, Santiago or São Paulo. She has been requested to present her project on urban spaces in Madrid and Barcelona, and delegations have just come from Iceland and Kentucky to meet her. «In Galicia, on the other hand, it has not been counted anywhere. Maybe because I say what I think and it hurts,” she thinks.


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