Faro de Vigo 15/11













                                                                                     The Association for the Defense of Galician Cultural Heritage (Apatrigal) and the Agadea collective, which manages the day center and care service for people with Alzheimer’s in the capital of Estrada, collaborate tomorrow to celebrate World Heritage Day. It will be through the contribution of the elders, asking and sharing their memories about the town of yesterday to be able to understand and glimpse “A vila do mañá”.

The afternoon – from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. – will be reserved for sharing the greatest memories about the municipal heritage of A Estrada’s past. Starting from a large game board, the scientific techniques applied to the A vila do mañá program led by Apatrigal will be used. It is an educational and dissemination project, which seeks to raise awareness from childhood and adolescence on all scales of the common: language, architecture, tangible and intangible heritage, urban planning, landscape and sustainability.


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