Firstly we consider Malpica as a game board, transforming the inhabited place into something new, something to discover which is looked and walked through with other eyes. The place is understood beyond physical space, it is a spatial, multisensory concept, full of experiences and symbolisms, both individual and community.


malpica’s gameboard

It is proposed the temporary transformation of several public spaces of Malpica, carried out by children of different ages, working at all common scales: architecture, heritage, urbanism and landscape. We look for the acquisition of a greater knowledge of the city in which the children live; an appropriation of spaces that are vetoed on a daily basis; the freely movement in the squares; spatial empowerment together with other kids, favoring their coexistence; appreciation of the place in which they live through a new look at their habitat; to make them responsible for the environment, to also know the elements that make up the immaterial place; and above all, to demonstrate to them their transformation capacity.