TRANSFORMing urban landscape with RAMÓN CABANILLAS

PROTAGonist participation

The right of children and adolescents to PARTICIPATE in the CONSTRUCTION of their CITY, in such a way that they will be participants and executors of the ideas for a new design of their own space in their city.

For that role to exist, CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENCE must reflect on its surroundings (the space in which they unfold their lives), their context and propose solutions for change, that is to say become aware of what it entails to be a subject of law and the importance that can have their participation as an engine of change for the rest of society.

Cando penso que te fuches
negra sombra que me asombras,
ó pe dos meus cabezales
tornas facéndome mofa.

Cando maxino que es ida
no mesmo sol te me amostras
i eres a estrela que brila
i eres o vento que zoa.

Si cantan, es ti que cantas
si choran, es ti que choras
i es o marmurio do río
i es a noite, i es a aurora.

En todo estás e ti es todo
pra min i en min mesma moras,
nin me abandonarás nunca,
sombra que sempre me asombras.

Rosalía de Castro

Colour your city

The town or city in which we are working has become a playground, a laboratory for experimentation in which children and adolescents can act from a new point of view.

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