“There is nothing better than reflecting on future Vilagarcía than listening to those who will be its main characters in that future.

In other words: to listen to those who, like us, will have in more or less years the responsibility of leaving their descendants a more humane, kinder, more attractive city, as we now try. And so on to infinity and, as they say, beyond. “

Alberto Varela Paz


VILAGARCÍA’s gameboard

“A Vila do Maña” starts from considering Vilagarcía as a game board, transforming the inhabited place into something new, something to discover which is looked and walked through with other eyes.

In this “Vila do Maña’s edition we have added the creation of a game board with the characteristic elements of Vilagarcía de Arousa. It is an original and unpublished “goose game”, made up of those architectural, urban, landscape, artistic and cultural elements that make up Vilagarcía’s identity.