‘When at a Government meeting the Town Planning Councilor told us about the possibility of organizing the workshop ‘A Vila do Maña’ he explained what it consisted of: a project with children giving us their vision of the city where they live; I thought this workwas the right one for Ames, for several reasons. Because we are the youngest town in Galicia, with an average age of 38 years, moreover we are the municipality that grows the most in terms of population in our country, by the territorial distribution of the municipality, with two nucleus whose construction is completely different: on one hand O Milladoiro, which was growing rationally and without much order in its first stage; and on the other hand Bertamiráns, which arose, as spontaneously as O Milladoiro, but whose buildings were and are more showy and less ‘invasive’. ‘

José Miñones Conde – Mayor of Ames


the village as a gameboard: bertamiráns

‘Game is the greatest degree of development of the child, whrereas is a free and spontaneous manifestation of the interior… Game is the testimony of man’s intelligence in this degree of life. Game is, after all, the origin of the greatest goods… The age in which the child develops in play, is it not the most beautiful manifestation of his life? Therein lies the true manifestation of his aptitudes for life. The game should not be seen as a frivolous thing, if not as something deeply significant.’