what would you point out from your village?

framing CARBALLO

By framing an item, it is automatically given value, we elevate it to the category of work of art. Now we need to know which spaces can be elevated to this category in Carballo, which are those places they appreciate, that they consider important enough to frame them.

‘Diego did not know the sea. His father, Santiago Kovadloff, took him to discover it.

They traveled south.

The sea was beyond the high dunes, waiting.

When the boy and his father finally reached those sand peaks,

after so much walking, the sea exploded before his eyes.

And so great was the immensity of the sea, and so much of its brightness, that the child was dumbfounded by so much beauty.

And when he finally managed to speak, trembling, stuttering, he asked his father:

-Help me to look! -‘

Eduardo Galeano

Color your village

The city/town we are working in has become a playground, an experimental laboratory in which children and teenagers can act from a new point of view.