transforming the VILlage

working with natural elements

The objective of ‘A Vila da Mañá’ is to change the model of the vila or city, we believe that another may be possible. This is achieved through the leading participation of girls, boys and adolescents of the place that, working with fundamental concepts through tactical urbanism actions, become active citizens capable of transforming their spaces.

In this case we work with sustainability, reflecting on the way in which we relate to the planet and making girls, boys and teenagers aware that what is sustainable consists of a balance between what allows us to develop our lives and what does not compromise the survival of future generations . And so, realizing that we only have one planet with limited resources that must be taken care of.

To raise awareness about the inclusion of green in the city, girls, boys and teenagers are proposed to create these bombs, which are made up of a part of clay, natural fertilizer, and a mixture of complementary seeds, in this case the so-called Aztec or pre-Columbian mixture was used (beans, corn, pumpkin…), developed by the Japanese Masanobu Fukuoka.

With all this, a colorful space is created given by the colored sticks, in which soil, water and the pumps are introduced and which will gradually be complemented by the green of the plants born, prepared by themselves.

Colour your village

The city/village in which we are working has been turned into a playground, a laboratory of experimentation where children and teenagers can act from a new point of view.

Grazas polo teu aporte