The kids are provided with colored threads, and they propose the spaces to be invaded, they decide how to create the structure that will become their space of leisure and enjoyment. They will appropriate spaces that belong to the citizens but do not feel like such. We will generate an identity bond with them.

It is intended that children act as a vanguard for the recovery of the territory for the citizenry. As the geographer and social theorist David Harvey states, it is necessary for citizens to appropriate urban public spaces through political action to turn them into common spaces. Those are common goods, which we look forward children to recognize as their own from different points of view: from history, their uses, their evolution and their transformations.

Colorea a túa Cidade

A cidade/vila na que estamos traballando convertida nun campo de xogos, laboratorio de experimentación no que os nenos e os adolescentes poidan actuar dende un novo punto de vista.