changing the village


We will base this experience on the concept of “defamiliarization or alienation,” a literary concept developed by Viktor Shklovski. According to his theory, everyday life causes “the freshness in our perception of objects to be lost”, making everything automated.

Routine puts us to sleep, making us blind, deaf, and unaware of what is happening around us. We no longer observe what surrounds us, we no longer look at the objects and places we know, on a daily basis. Art presents objects from another perspective. It tears them from their automated and everyday perception by giving them life in themselves, and in their reflection in art. Through this concept we begin to perceive things differently, we are forced to do so by the “defamiliarization”, which presents reality as we have never seen it before … and even draw in the air…

Colorea a túa Cidade

A cidade/vila na que estamos traballando convertida nun campo de xogos, laboratorio de experimentación no que os nenos e os adolescentes poidan actuar dende un novo punto de vista.