what would you point out from your village?

knowing arzua

By framing an item, it is automatically given value, we elevate it to the category of work of art. Now we need to know which spaces can be elevated to this category in Bertamirans, which are those places they appreciate, that they consider important enough to frame them.

“Among the situationist procedures, drift is presented as a technique of uninterrupted passage through diverse environments. The concept of drift is inextricably linked to the recognition of psychogeographic effects and the assertion of a playful-constructive behavior that opposes it in all aspects to the classical notions of travelling and walking. […]. But drift, in its unitary character, comprises that letting go and its necessary contradiction: the mastery of psychogeographic variables through knowledge and the calculation of possibilities. […]. Chance plays in the drift an even more important role the less settled the psychogeographical observation is. “

Guy Debord

Color your village

The city/town we are working in has become a playground, an experimental laboratory in which children and teenagers can act from a new point of view.