what would you point out from your village?


The perception of one’s own body, as well as the conception of the environment around us, are fundamental concepts in this workshops.
To understand how those who are and will be Malpica’s inhabitants of the future perceive their town, we drifted out with a large golden frame, so that, in our wanderings, they are framing those urban elements that are important for them. Who were the protagonist of this experience?

“Diego did not know the sea. His father, Santiago Kovadloff, took him to discover it.

They traveled south.

The sea was beyond the high dunes, waiting.

When the boy and his father finally reached those sand peaks,

after so much walking, the sea exploded before his eyes.

And so great was the immensity of the sea, and so much of its brightness, that the child was dumbfounded by so much beauty.

And when he finally managed to speak, trembling, stuttering, he asked his father:

-Help me to look! – “

Eduardo Galeano

Colorea a túa Cidade

A cidade/vila na que estamos traballando convertida nun campo de xogos, laboratorio de experimentación no que os nenos e os adolescentes poidan actuar dende un novo punto de vista.