changing the village

working WITH natural elements

To carry out the activity, children are asked to create these pumps, which consist of a piece of clay, natural fertilizer, and a mixture of complementary seeds, in this case they used the so-called Aztec or pre-Columbian (beans, corn, pumpkin,…).

The aim is to raise awareness about the inclusion of greenery in the city by creating and planting seed bombs, developed by Japanese naturalist Masanobu Fukuoka.
Now, we have the plant but we lack where to sow it. A colorful mural is proposed, given by the geotextile-colored envelopes, which will be gradually complemented by the green of the plants born of the bombs, prepared by themselves.

Color your village

The city/town we are working in has become a playground, an experimental laboratory in which children and teenagers can act from a new point of view.